Wednesday, January 13, 2010

PSP PHX Layout

I was beginning to wonder how productive our first mandatory (and tryout) would be without an official layout from the PSP but low and behold they get it out right on time.

The first thing I noticed is the seemly new shape of the brick. It looks to me like a lay-down door we use to see in the old NPPL. It also looks like they'll be going with a smaller can this year as well as a larger cake. I'm glad they stuck with the tall mayans though. I guess this many changes is expected as how can we expect Sup'Air to make any money if they don't change the field :-)

With that long snake and the dorritos lined up, this should play really fast. I'm curious though to see how the breakout will work on the dorrito side with just pillars to play for the first few feet. I'm sure the Russians will have all the bounce shots worked out within hours of posting this.

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