Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't like our APPA rankings....

...Well then show me yours!

I love how people like to talk trash behind names on the internet. If you had any sack you'd post your name with all the shit you're saying and then we may actually respect what you are saying.

Instead, I'll quickly file you as someone who failed at paintball (and most likely life) and you're jealous of the opportunity these individuals have. I honestly hope you're playing semi-pro so we know who to walk off the field. You say they'll be X-Factor's punching bag? You must be able to relate to that or you'd have no reason to say anything :-)

Please don't let our APPA fool you. Each one of these players was picked up for a reason and they will each prove it throughout this year.


  1. No shortage of haters that haven't accomplished anything or for that matter probably haven't even put forth the effort to accomplish anything. They all fall by the wayside at some point.

    We played with you on our team (Austin Massacre) and against others on X-Factor. First class all around -- you guys will have a great year.

  2. I would rather be X-Factors punching bag than a whiney rookie for life, sucks at paintball e-thug.

  3. Looking forward to seeing how both of your teams do in Phoenix. Ranking is hardly any way of knowing a players skills and abilities.

    Get some hardware!