Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Big S**t Poppin'

Infamous and Aftermath merge? Dynasty shooting eclipse? I thought the world was gonna end in 2012, not 2010. I guess that's how's gonna be from now on never know what to expect.

Regarding Mike Hinman's decision.

Although I'm really surprised he was willing to give up the (pro) aftermath name, this is a real smart move for him. We all know the paint companies are hurting and to merge with a team that will always have a deal helps him out a ton. This wasn't a one side deal at all though. Infamous has been hurting for local players that are young and hungry so this ended up being a perfect match for both of them. Infamous cuts the dead weight while aftermath picks up one of the few big sponsorships left out there. Now with all that backing and a core with a tons of talent, we may see another powerhouse team coming from SoCal.

It will be interesting to see what guns they shoot though. Hinman and Infamous have had a history with eclipse but rumors point to Bob Long picking them up. We'll have to wait to see what the big man says before anything is finalized.

Now that brings us to Dynasty shooting PE. Damn, these guys are about to make the complete circle involving gear and gun sponsorship. Look for them to go for whoever pays the most as they are still flying in guys for practice.

As we get closer to PHX, I'm sure things will really start to unfold. As for us Texans in the X-Factor camp...

We recently held tryouts and have the 2nd run coming up. My first impression was pretty stunned. Texas itself has become so divided as a state paintball wise. If you didn't play paintball in Austin, I really didn't know about you til now. Kids came from all over the state that could play ball that I had never seen before. With this new set of players, we plan on filling our pro ranks and creating a semi-pro X-Factor farm team. We will be making final cuts this weekend, so I should have a list as early as Sunday night or monday so stay tuned!!

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