Tuesday, November 2, 2010

EGO 11 Review

Paris was coming around the corner and I knew the guy at Eclipse had something left up there sleeve for the end of the year. They’ve been posting teaser pics of the Ego11 so I got in touch with Ledz and requested one for Paris. Like the great guys they are, I got an email immediately back (it was something like 9 at night for him, he must work around the clock) saying I’d have one in Europe.

Since the release of the Geo2 and the new design I know they’ve had trouble keeping them on the shelves so I was curious what had been done to the Ego11. Right as I took it out of the box I noticed two things. They used what I loved about the Geo2, the length. The grip was moved back leaving more of gap between the reg and the trigger guard thus giving it a more rifled feel. The new grip also only have two screws and sets in to the trigger frame which is really nice for people like me that lose screws all the time. The feel of the gun was also different than other Egos I’ve had, it just felt more comfortable. Excited to shoot it, I grabbed my tank and again noticed something had changed. The on/off assembly had been completely redesigned. Now all it takes to de-gas your gun is the push of a button. Once over the chrono I noticed how smooth this felt compared to my Ego10. Before getting the gun I was able to talk to Nicky T who was spouting off all this techno mumbo jumbo. What I didn’t realize is that I should’ve have listened cause whatever they changed in the gun, it’s definitely working.

As my team usually schedules us a practice or two on the millennium field before the tournament, I got to practice with this gun before actually playing any games. I usually like to get comfortable with something before I take it out there and play for the real thing. With only two hours of practice I was worried I wouldn’t get the chance to completely get use to the new gun. I was mistaken yet again. The redesigned grip made the transition from the Geo2 to the new Ego seamless. I noticed this by the second game out when we lost our complete snake side. I had to make the fill to the corner to try and save the game. With both a snake and mirror, I had to try and battle both guys to slow them down. Not only was I able to snap both of them out, I ran down the last guy on the dorrito side and shot him on the run. Since that game I couldn’t but the gun down. Once the tournament started I know I’d have to put the gun through its paces. This weekend I saw some of the best paint of the year at Paris. Literally you could drop it from your hip and more than half would break on the ground. The gun handled the paint perfectly. With my FPS at about 275-280 I never broke a ball and was able to shoot a certain lane on off the break that needed a bit more drop than being right at 300. In fact our eclipse guns shot so well that both Mykel and I would walk away with a 1st place using the new Ego11 and Geo2. If you want to check out this gun for yourself, stop by the eclipse booth and check it out or better yet come bother me after a match and I can let you shoot a few paint bullets through it. We’ll have a morning schedule at World Cup so come support us and the new Ego11.