Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Update from GerMoney

Well this is day 6 for me here near the Germany/Belgium border. I've been staying in Belgium but after tomorrow we'll be leaving to go to Bitburg where the event will be held. With my traveling last year I qualified for American Airline's highest status getting me some trendy upgrades for this year. I used my first upgrade into business class on the way over. After being treated like a king, it'll be hard to go back to coach any other time. Free booze, choice on dinner, a seat that reclines all the way back, and no flight attendants giving you any lip (down with Iberia) can't be beat. Here's some pictures from it.

After arriving I was picked up by one of my teammates Claudio. Immediately we stopped at a petrol station and picked up some road brews to get started on the right foot. We pretty much partied all the way to saturday and I got to meet some cool Belgium people. Saturday I got to spread my knowledge and have a little clinic at our field here in Brussels. On sunday we would travel down into France to this huge indoor field to train against Ronin. This was by far the nicest paintball field I've ever been too. Regulation Millennium field, good lighting, sick turf, and some good games really let me get a good feel for the field. Too bad it's almost 4 hours away otherwise I'd want to practice there every time!

German Bridge on the way to the field

Since Sunday, I've just been hanging out at Claudio's house near Aachen. I've been treated to pizza, frites, and steak pretty much everyday. Basically an American's dream selection of food when coming to Europe. Thanks to his family for putting up with me these past few days. Haha! Today I have plans with one of my other teammates, Geoffrey, to go to the world famous Spa racetrack where he's taking out a kit car he owns. This should be real interesting getting George behind the wheel. Peace!

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